Okay, the time really is now…

A sobering perspective from David Roberts, who writes on climate change for Vox, on Twitter:

“Humans alive today are experiencing: a) the warmest global average temperatures that any human being has ever experienced, in the history of the species, and b) the coolest global average temperatures any human will ever experience again.”

The latest first-of-its-kind weather event, tropical cyclone Idai, that is tracking across southern Africa, is only the beginning of an unfolding¬†long-term disaster in one of the poorest and least resilient parts of the world. It has produced an “inland ocean” that can be seen from space. As the southern Indian Ocean continues to warm, there will be more, and more intense, storms here. This region will never recover.

And there are other parts of the world following closely in their harrowing footsteps. The U.S. is not immune either. Nobody is.

It should be clear by now that climate change is not only an environmental disaster but a worldwide humanitarian crisis.

Isn’t it time to do something about climate change?

Hello world!

This is my first blog post just to get everything setup and working properly.  It felt appropriate to use the expected output from the first software program I ever wrote (in FORTRAN!) as the title of my first post.

More to come…