Welcome to the SustaInnova!  Sustainable development, the path to a state we call sustainability, is one of innovation, changing the way we do just about everything,   It is about creating and maintaining a world we choose for today and for those who will inherit it.  As William McDonough said, “Sustainability takes forever.  And that’s the point.” 1.  And, of course, we’re all in this together…


SustaInnova can help you manage the process of sustainable development in your company or organization. We can help you develop a strategy to be more efficient, cost-effective, and, of course, more sustainable: the result is more satisfied employees, clients and customers, and the peace of mind and heart that you are doing what you can to make a better planet for today and tomorrow.


SustaInnova helps you innovate so that your business will not only survive, but thrive, in a changing world!